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Customized Workforce Management for the logistics sector.

An essential link within the logistics sector.
Efficiency is extremely important within the logistics sector. This sector is known for continuously evolving technology, work methods and work processes meaning it demands a lot from management and the employees. Downtime of freight or a delayed departure from a distribution centre takes time and costs money, disturbing the processes.

The Workforce Management solution by Softbrick makes sure that a sufficient amount of staff is present on the right place and time, in order to finalize the activities according to plan.

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Vitale advantages

  • A good understand of the expected and realized turnover and labour costs
  • Be able to directly react to changing preferences by Dayplanning
  • The difference between planned and worked hours is directly visible
  • Employees are able to check in and out themselves by biometry or badges
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Services and
costs are

Given our years of experience within the logistics sector we understand what goes on within this sector and which processes are important. Our Workforce Management software is in compliance with Dutch and international legislation.

In addition, we have different interfaces containing, among others, HR/payroll, employment agencies, WMS and BI. Moreover, the link between Warehouse Management and a Workforce Management system is not an issue.

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Success Stories in de logistiek

Overall solution for Workforce Management

We make it possible to deploy staff on a day by day basis and to proactively adjust this based on the activities. Service and costs are decisive factors here. The result will be increased productivity and increased efficiency in the workplace. This makes the application essential within the logistics sector.

Given the database structure of our Workforce Management software, we are able to connect to every salary package.

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Workforce Vitality
Softbrick Workforce Vitality

How vital is your Workforce?

The foundation of every business is its employees.

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