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About Raet
For more than fifty years Visma/Raet has been pioneering when it comes down to automation, the cloud and mobile. This solid foundation combined with agile innovations helps them to create simple, smart and innovative solutions which make the lives of over 1,7 million people easier. Visma/Raet therefore knows what it is about: Developing products and services which give organisations and their employees the possibility to perform optimally. Efficiency, performance management, system integration, people analytics, talent development. These are all subjects they know a lot about.

The years of cooperation between Softbrick and Visma/Raet is an example of a successful partnership. Due to good contracts and innovations within both enterprises this will be valuable in the future.

A few successful collaborations with Jumbo, VDL, Poiesz, Stiho, Elis Netherlands, Phpe Hotels, Grandvision.

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