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Our solutions for Workforce vitality.

We want you to get the most from our Workforce Management Software. Therefore, we are continuously working on improving our software even more. On this page you can find all functionalities and how we manage to fit your Workforce Management solution.

SaaS oplossing.

Softbrick Workforce Management software can be deployed in multiple ways within your organisation, depending on your requirements, company size, available resources and budget.

When choosing the SaaS solution, the WFM application is installed on a by Softbrick hosted server. Softbrick will take care of the technical maintenance and annual installation of new versions so you can focus on your core business and save valuable time and costs.

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The forecasting functionality makes it possible to use your relevant business drives such as revenue budgets, labour cost, items or other business drivers to calculate the capacity in labour hours that are required during the week and days. This ensures that you have the required labour capacity in the right place on the right moment.

Capacity planning

With these functionalities you are able to create the perfect personnel planning by optimally coordinating the required capacity per time unit and department. Based on a reliable forecast in combination with standards, it is determined how much capacity is needed now and in the future and strategic HR choices can be made with regarding to hiring, training, etc.

Auto planning

Making a planning that complies with all the relevant criteria for your organization or departments is now a mouse click away by using auto planning. The auto planning algorithm provides an important support in delivering an optimal basic schedule which can be finetuned by a planner. Employee contracts, preference, hourly cost, availability and law & regulations are taken into account and the result is a much more precise schedule compared to other planning methods.

Staff planning

The Softbrick Staff Planning module ensures the efficient management and deployment of your staff and is a fully integrated planning and work time registration system. In addition with budget controls, the forecasting feature’s allows you to borrow and lend employees between locations and/or departments allocating the cost to the correct cost center.

Intra-Day Scheduling

With staff planning, staff can be scheduled on a daily basis for the entire week. With the intra-day scheduling module it is possible to make a detailed planning on the day itself. Through up-to-date data, it is possible to respond to changing capacity needs during the day. Planning and managing in time blocks makes very accurate planning possible, so that the right amount of people is always active at the right time and in the right place. With a changed freight or last minute orders you now always have the right staff capacity.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance module can process and check all standard labour / working arrangements. The highly configurable system allows an easy and flexible implementation of all types of collective labour agreements and working time arrangements in the Netherlands and most other European countries. Softbrick closely follows the progress and innovation in this area and constantly keeps developing its solution to guarantee the flexibility and applicability. By a minimum input and a sophisticated manner of the processing of the exceptions, a fully automated and user-friendly system is guaranteed.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service (ESS) provides the employees insight in their personal schedules, balances and offers  the possibility to submit leave request. ESS is available anytime, anywhere, via PC or smartphone, at home, or at work.


In addition to the standard available database import- and export report generator and general conversion tools, Softbrick also features a series of standard interfaces that can be adapted for data imports and exports to systems which include HR, Payroll, ERP, Employment Agencies, CRM, BI or other reporting/analysis applications.


The module Softclick is a webpage which is compatible with every computer, cash system, tablet or smartphone. The only thing you need is an internet connection. This makes registering presence and absence, realizing cost centre changes, checking balances possible and it provides an overview on the time of particular orders and adjustments.

Project registration

Project registration is a powerful tool for reporting the time on projects, taking possible expenses and rates into account. While using this module one can quickly and easily plan on the projects and take the qualifications and availability into account.

Order time registration

With Order time registration you are able to define production times, indicate the steps of the production phases and let them perform themselves. In addition, it is possible to have an overview in the produced amounts and creating collection assignments. The assignments that are registered on, can be imported manually or imported from a production planning or ERP-system

Access Control Management

Access control from Softbrick, registers and manages the access of employees and visitors to various locations within your organization. The access control software is characterized by clear procedures, real-time processing and simple operation. In addition to granting access to employees and visitors, it is also possible to control doors and detect alarms.

Softbrick Workforce Vitality

How vital is your workforce?

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