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Measuring work happiness.

The core of Workforce Vitality is about people

In order to be meaningful to customers, it is important that people, systems and tools work together optimally. And in that order. When your employees feel connected, work closely together, have opportunities for growth and make use of them, this has a demonstrable effect on their work experience. On their job happiness.

We know this because we have been working with our partner Performance Happiness since 2015; consultants who specialise in the science of job satisfaction, using tools developed in collaboration with Oxford University. Years of measuring job happiness in companies all over the world have created a unique database that provides ever better insight into which factors contribute to a positive work experience. By measuring the job happiness of your employees, you are able to monitor the effects of the Softbrick Workforce Vitality and, where necessary, optimise or expand them. It is also possible to introduce individual or team interventions that have a demonstrable effect.

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Advantages of measuring job happiness

  • Interim interventions can lead to better scores
  • Simple online questionnaire
  • Comprehensive individual/team/organisational reports
  • Targeted advice to management
  • Possibility of using interventions which have a demonstrable effect
  • By measuring 0 at the start of the Workforce Vitality project and a follow-up meeting after a while, an insight is gained into the development of your employees’ job satisfaction
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