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Customized Workforce Management focused on retail.

Reduce costs due to a more effective and efficient staff deployment.
Retail initially takes place on a competitive market where difference can be made with relatively small profit margins. It is therefore important that the systems connect to this. Retailers want to provide optimal services to their customers as well. In addition, they need to defeat their competition and effectuate good profit margins. In doing this, it is important that the right employees with the right functionalities are present at the right time.

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Vital advantages

  • Schedule your department managers, salesmen and cashiers in an easy manner
  • Be able to manage multiple branches from one account
  • Create budgets and know when you should intervene
  • Be able to see the difference between planned and worked hours at a glance
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Effective and

Making a planning which meets the criteria from your entire organisation will no longer be a complex day job, but realizable by a single click on the button. Softbrick’s Workforce Management software is not only valuable for efficiently deploying staff within stores and departments. For the retail sector it can be fully integrated within the distribution centre and at the head office.

Due to the flexibility of our Workforce Management software it is possible to implement multiple collective labour agreements and manage multiple administrations from one database.

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Success Stories in the retail

Overall solution for Workforce Management

We provide the Workforce Management software and the required knowledge. Softbrick stands for cost reduction due to an efficient and effective staff deployment in stores, the head office and distribution centres. Due to our years of experience within this sector we can guarantee retailers the right solution for every situation.

Given the database structure of our Workforce Management software, we are able to connect to every salary package.

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Workforce Vitality
Softbrick Workforce Vitality

How vital is your Workforce?

The foundation of every business is its employees.

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