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Customized Workforce Management for the industry.

Improvement of productivity and labour costs under control.
The Workforce Management solutions by Softbrick help organisations active in the industry control their labour costs and improve their productivity. The powerful Workforce Management software makes an interface with all desired ERP-, HR-, and payroll systems possible.

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Vitale advantages

  • One database and one card/badge for registration and access
  • Control the rules regarding ATW and collective labour agreements
  • Employees are able to check in themselves by way of biometry or badges
  • Measure absences, follow up and predict
  • Know exactly who is situated where with Access control
Softbrick Workforce Vitality box

Getting a grip
on your
organisation and
its costs

Now that Industry 4.0 has come, Workforce Management software cannot be left behind. Managing the planning-/scheduling tool helps your organisation use new technologies. Additionally, the happiness at work increases for your employees. We are able to achieve this due to our sophisticated solutions.

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Success Stories in de industrie

All-in-one solution for Workforce Management

These modules make it possible to get a grip on your organisation and its costs. Our efficient Workforce Management solution is able to function as a miracle cure for your organisation to solve problems regarding the turnover, low productivity and it can improve commitment. Our twenty years of experience show that we are able to analyse the right needs and help industrial organisations optimizing the work processes. We are capable of implementing the management of big and/or complex projects.

Thanks to the database structure of our Workforce Management software we are able to connect to every remuneration package.

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Workforce Vitality
Softbrick Workforce Vitality

How vital is your Workforce?

The foundation of every business is its employees.

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