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Time & Attendance.

Flexible and advanced software solution

The Time & Attendance module can process and check all standard labour / working arrangements. The highly configurable system allows an easy and flexible implementation of all types of collective labour agreements and

working time arrangements in the Netherlands and most other European countries. Softbrick closely follows the progress and innovation in this area and constantly keeps developing its solution to guarantee the flexibility and applicability. By a minimum input and a sophisticated manner of the processing of the exceptions, a fully automated and user-friendly system is guaranteed.

Softbrick Workforce Vitality box

To register working hours, cost centers and activities Softbrick offers different solutions including:

  • By using time clock terminals employees can register their clock in- and clock out times and capture specific activities (cost center)
  • The Softbrick Soft Clock is a smart and cost-effective software tool (web page in WFM system) which allows the registration of working times and activities through every Portable, mobile or fixed PC register.
  • Another possibility is that the system automatically generates the working time on the basis of the individual planning. Exceptions to the schedule can be easily viewed and managed.
  • Within the mobile ESS app employees can register time.
Workforce Vitality
Tijdregistratie Softbrick

Advantages Time & Attendance

  • Productivity is increased because of a better planning
  • Reduces time on checking/approving leave applications
  • A good understanding of employees and costs
  • Satisfaction and preserve employees due to accurate hour registration and compensation
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