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Staff Planning.

Optimal vitality for your organisation

The Softbrick Staff Planning module ensures the efficient management and deployment of your staff and is a fully integrated planning and work time registration system. In addition with budget controls, the forecasting feature’s allows you to borrow and lend employees between locations and/or departments allocating the cost to the correct cost center.

The responsible planners of a region, store, department or cost center have a clear screen available with all of the relevant functions and overviews. The system keeps track of the various schedules, holidays, absences, supply, demand, capacity utilization, borrowing, lending, overstaffing, understaffing, suitable replacement and allocation of budget hours. The system also has the ability to generate an ideal distribution formula of hours to generate the budget for the current or future time period (s) on the basis of the accumulated historical data.

Softbrick Workforce Vitality box
Workforce Management oplossing Personeelsplanning

Staff Planning takes the following into account:

  • Different gratings
  • Holidays
  • Absences
  • Demand and supply
  • Occupation
  • Secondments and hiring of personnel
  • Over- and under planning
  • Budgeting
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