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Intra Day Scheduling.

The expectation and reality

With staff planning, staff can be scheduled on a daily basis for the entire week. With the intra-day scheduling module it is possible to make a detailed planning on the day itself. Through up-to-date data, it is possible to respond to changing capacity needs during the day. Planning and managing in time blocks makes very accurate planning possible, so that the right amount of people is always active at the right time and in the right place. With a changed freight or last minute orders you now always have the right staff capacity.

With the intra-day scheduling module you can see in the planning how many packages there are to do, how much work is required and which people are available. With day planning you can exchange employees between the various departments or locations in the event of a surplus or a shortage of man-hours, using the ‘hiring screen’. In this way you get optimum return from your staff.

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Advantages Intra Day Scheduling

  • Day-to-day control for an efficient occupation of personnel
  • Optimized secondments and hiring
  • Overview in productivity and availability for every employee
  • Market place functionality
  • The possibility to control the usage of personnel on the day itself
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