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Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Powerful tool

Employee Self-Service app is more than just a goodbye of leave letters. With ESS 2.0 your employees and managers will be provided with a powerful tool, which make them perform their tasks even better, work more employee- and customer focused and be able to directly communicate from any place.

ESS 2.0 makes the productivity increase and it makes the personnel costs easily manageable, while permanently decreasing. Working with ESS 2.0 gives more overview in time and costs and it improves both the satisfaction of managers as well of employees. With the use of a smartphone, employees are easily able to check their schedule, request leave and check their balance.

The app is available for iOS, Android, combined with Softbrick WFM v6.0 Web and combined with Speakap. In addition, the app is available in five different languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Polish.

Softbrick Workforce Vitality box

Expansion of functionalities

Besides the standard version of ESS 2.0, it is possible to add additional functionalities:

In ESS 2.0 the employee is able to indicate when he is available. This availability will be visible while planning, so that the preferences of the employee can be taken into account. This also relates to anticipating on calamities such as failure because of disease. The big advantage is that you do not have to spend unnecessary time on looking for an available employee. From now on you are able to directly react based on the preferences of the employees.

My Team
Are you assuming that your team is sufficiently self-managing to create a correct planning? In such a case, the option “My Team” would be an ideal addition in your ESS 2.0 app. My Team shows the different schedules of the entire team. In addition, employees are able to check when one can or cannot ask for leave.

Shift advertising
Are there gaps within the planning and do you want the employees to be able to sign up themselves? This will be very easy with the ESS Shift Advertising functionality. You can indicate which shift has to be filled up and you can offer this shift within the app. The selected employees will be able to react to this. These employees can indicate whether they are interested on a desirable moment.  By doing this, your employees are given even more input on the planning. This increases both the satisfaction as well as the commitment.

Advantages ESS 2.0

  • Direct insight in balances
  • Applying for leave is easier
  • Be able to adjust the planning according to the desires
  • Available in multiple languages
  • The option to expand with different functionalities
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