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Auto planning.

Significant reduction of costs

Making a planning that complies with all the relevant criteria for your organization or departments is now a mouse click away by using auto planning.

The auto planning algorithm provides an important support in delivering an optimal basic schedule which can be finetuned by a planner. Employee contracts, preference, hourly cost, availability and law & regulations are taken into account and the result is a much more precise schedule compared to other planning methods.

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Auto planning add intelligence

The algorithm provides important support to achieve an optimal base planning. The final fine-tuning can take place by the planner and/or the representative of the department. This makes the end result much more accurate than the regular plan methods. Variables are taken into account, such as: Employee contracts, wage costs, availability and the working hours legislation.

Softbrick Autoplanning

Advantages Auto planning

  • Spend less time making a staff planning / schedules.
  • Managers can spend more time on the floor
  • Avoid risks and redundant cost by making a schedule that takes regulations and contracts into account (ATW/WAB violations).
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