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Our solution,
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Where did it all start?

At the end of 1995 a corporation was established named OrgaTime Netherlands. At this point in time there were almost no other organisations which offered time registration software on a Univ platform. The demand for such software was great, however, and OrgaTime reacted to this in a smart manner. As a team existing of three persons each with their own specialism, they quickly came into contact with ASML. Together with the team of ASML a suitable solution on a UNIX platform was developed. This was the first client in 1996 with 1000 employees. Not long after this Blokker, VDL and Unilever followed up. After 23 years all of these parties are still satisfied customers.

In the year 2000 the name Orgatime Netherlands was changed into Softbrick. In the years following Softbrick grew into an international player within the area of time registration and planning software. In the year 2009 Softbrick was sold to the current owner. This led to new opportunities for growth, both nationally as well as internationally. In the years following solution-based thinking increased. At that same time a clearer distinction was made between the different verticals: Retail, Industry, Logistics and Hospitality. With amazing clients in Europe, China, America, Singapore and the Netherlands Antilles, Softbrick is leading within the area of Workforce Management. More than 200.000 users are working with out solutions and are saving significant amounts of labour costs on a daily basis.

Are you wondering whom are making this possible? In such a case, please scroll down. Please do not forget to take a look at the pictures as well so you can see which other talents our employees have, besides Softbrick.

Softbrick Workforce Vitality box
Workforce Vitality

Work happiness
& vitality

Why does Softbrick invest in its employees

Softbrick acknowledges attention for developing resilience, vitality and own responsibilities for its employees. The employees constitute the human capital, and without them Softbrick would not be there.

Softbrick is in its performance dependent on the added value of its employees. Softbrick invites its employees to take responsibility and leadership for their own development. Where possible, Softbrick supports with education, coaching and research.

Working on sustainable deployment means working on the efficiency of the employee. Investing in people creates an employee which fits the job and which feels good physically, mentally and socially.

Softbrick over ons

ISO 27001

Softbrick’s management system has been officially ISO 27001 certified from October 2018. This certification shows that Softbrick meets the most recent requirements regarding information security and the GDPR.

The advantages; both for you and for us

  • A safe organisation, tested by an international standard
  • Clear methods for our clients and our employees
  • Safe use of personal data, in line with recent legislation
  • Certainty of safe products
  • Guaranteed continuity
  • Prepared on possible risks
  • Overview within the organisation; people and systems are visible

What is an ISO certification?

ISO 27001 is a globally adapted standard and it lays down requirements regarding information security within an organisation. By way of a yearly inspection (the audit) it is checked how the required measures have been implemented, whether this meets the criteria and whether improvements have been made.

The scope is very important for the certification: An ISO certification can be granted for one or multiple departments or products. We have made the decision to use this certification as broad as possible, which means that – besides our organisation – our Workforce Management solution has been certified for ISO 27001.

The increasing digitalisation of our society – and the changing legislation – makes that security of information remains a priority for Softbrick. With an ISO 27001 certification Softbrick is effectively able to show that we meet the most recent and tested requirements within the area of information security. Something we have been doing for years has finally been formalized in a certification.

Our team, your Workforce Vitality specialists

We support our clients resolving differing issues within the area of Workforce Management. As real Workforce Management specialist we know exactly what goes on within the market and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Together we can make sure that you are able to become a vital entrepreneur as well. We are pleased to introduce you to our team.

Erika van Dee – Finance / HR

Korsiaan van Leeuwen – Sales

Björn Vissers – Project team

Mariska van den Ancker – Project team

Anne-Sophie Sloet – Project team

Bram Reemers – Project team

Danny Assen – Customer Services

Bob van der Zee – Consultancy

Ramon van der Spoel – Consultancy

Roy Leeuw – Consultancy

Janna van Eijk – Service Desk

Henk Verhoeven – Development

Antoon Kragten – Development

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